‘Husband of 9yo girl says she had no memory of her husband’s murder’

The father of a nine-year-old girl whose husband was murdered says she never knew his body was found in a riverbed.

Key points:The family of Hana Gee says they want a full inquiry into the disappearance of their son, who disappeared in 2017The family says their son’s disappearance has changed their livesKey pointsA man has been charged with murder in connection with the disappearance and killing of Haneena GeeMs Gee’s body was recovered by a river in the area in July2017Ms Gees family says the case is not over yet and they are still waiting for the coronial inquestThe Gee family’s son, Hana, disappeared in January 2017.

He went missing in the Karratha Valley, south-west of Adelaide.

He has never been found.

In September, he was reported missing by a family member.

Police and family members have now been asked to assist with a coronial inquiry into his disappearance.

They say they are calling on the community to help with their search.

“We’re not saying we’re not going to have a full investigation into his death.

We just want the police and coronial authorities to come in, to take a look at it,” Hana’s father, Haneema Gee, said.”

They’re not the police or the coronian authorities.

They’re the people who are going to deal with this.

They should be there, they should look at this and they should do something about it.”

In October 2017, Haineya Gee was found alive and well, with her clothes and phone in a creek.

Police had previously found evidence in the Gee home that could support Hainayas claims.

Ms Goe was described as a quiet and well-behaved teenager.

“I think the whole family has a lot of concern, really,” Ms Gee said.

Ms Gill said it was not known what happened to her son after he disappeared.

“There’s been no contact with anyone, no contact at all.

She’s been missing for about six months now, so that’s quite a long time,” she said.