Trump hires top attorney, says Trump will not retaliate

The President has hired a top civil rights lawyer and his family members to handle the fallout from his firing of former FBI director James Comey, The Associated Press reported Thursday.

The president has hired William Gheensel, a veteran attorney and former federal prosecutor, to serve as the top civil and criminal rights lawyer, and his wife, Lisa Bloom, to be the family’s legal adviser.

They will represent the president on his legal issues, including potential legal actions, according to the AP.

The move comes as Trump continues to battle criticism from lawmakers and others over his firing.

Trump has been under intense scrutiny over the firing, which critics said was politically motivated.

Trump fired Comey on Friday in what the president called a political decision that he believes was based on recommendations from the FBI and DOJ.

The White House later said Trump had made the decision to fire Comey in part to help the Justice Department “solve the Russia probe.”

The White Trump tweeted the firing was a political move that was based not on the recommendation of the FBI or DOJ, but rather by the recommendation by Rosenstein, Trump’s former deputy attorney general, who also is leading the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The decision to oust Comey comes as President Donald Trump has faced growing pressure to clarify his comments about his former FBI chief James Comey during his interview with NBC News on Thursday.

Trump’s statement was widely interpreted as a political attack against Comey, who he has repeatedly said was a “nut job.”

The Trump administration has not said whether the president plans to ask Rosenstein to recuse himself from the investigation, or whether Rosenstein will make a recommendation to the White House on whether to appoint a special counsel.