Accident lawyer says bus accident attorney says he was ‘told to shut up’

A bus accident defense lawyer in Texas has filed a lawsuit alleging that the bus accident law he helped defend was used to intimidate his clients.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Harris County District Court against John Baca, an attorney with the Houston law firm of Tipton, Brown, & Mabry.

The lawsuit claims Baca was fired in July after he sued the county for violating the Texas Workers Compensation Law, which prohibits attorneys from filing suits for personal injury.

The county then settled the lawsuit in April for $2.5 million, according to the lawsuit.

In a statement, Tiptons lawyer, John Baez, said, “This lawsuit is about protecting and advancing the interests of all Texans, and the Tiptont attorneys have been there for many Texans injured in bus accidents and the families of the people who died in them.”

He added, “It’s sad to see that the Tippetts are now willing to do anything to make their clients look bad.

It is unacceptable that Tiptoni’s attorney would try to hide behind a veil of confidentiality and keep his clients from getting justice.”

A Tiptone lawyer, James A. Karr, said Baca has a good reputation in the Houston area and that his clients have a good record in court.

He said his client was unaware that the law in Texas bars lawyers from taking on civil lawsuits in their private practice.

Karr said that his client filed the lawsuit to protect his clients and said he was told to shut down when he tried to file a lawsuit.KARR said that Baca filed the suit to avoid being fired, which is a common practice.

He added that Tippont attorneys can be fired for poor representation of clients.

He also said that Tipont attorneys don’t have to disclose their clients’ financial problems or the amount of time they have spent representing them.

Baca has not responded to a request for comment.

Tiptont is one of several law firms across the country that are suing over the death of a driver who was killed in a crash in 2014.

The driver, who was 37-year-old David Deleon, died in a head-on collision on Interstate 45 near Houston after the truck he was driving hit another car and then slammed into a tree.

His car was later found with his body on the hood.

Deleon was working as a busboy for a company called Red Line Bus Company.

The crash occurred at a bus stop on the Texas Highway 459.

Tippont’s attorney, Richard B. Tiptonis, said in a statement that he believes his client’s death was a tragic accident and that he was a victim of a bad driver who has been working for Tippon for the past four years.

Tipont attorney John B. A. Baca is shown in this undated booking photo provided by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Austin, Texas.

A Tippot attorney who represents Baca said in the lawsuit that Baez has a “strong reputation in Harris and surrounding areas and has served his clients for many years.”

The lawsuit also said Baez was fired by the Texas Workforce Commission in July, which means that he would not be eligible for future employment with the firm.

Baez was a bus driver for more than 15 years, and he represented a variety of clients, including the Harris Independent School District and the Houston Rockets.TIPTON is also involved in the wrongful death of an elderly man who was hit and killed in March 2015 by a bus in the city of Katy.

A jury found in favor of the family in a civil lawsuit against Tippons attorney, Mark F. Dyer.

The family said that Dyer did not stop to assess the severity of the injuries of the elderly man before slamming the bus into a house and leaving him there.