How to sue over wrongful death lawsuit in California

California is considering a measure that would make it easier for injured motorcyclists to sue their employers.

If passed by the California legislature, the legislation would provide for a right-to-sue for people injured in a car crash.

The measure is expected to pass the state senate, and then the Assembly, where the measure is being pushed by Assemblywoman Lina Vasquez.

“The goal of this bill is to make it a right for anyone who is injured to sue the company who caused the injury,” Vasquez said.

“It’s a very broad, and it is going to include any injuries sustained by a motorcyclist.”

The bill has received some support from the California Motorcycle Association, which has long opposed lawsuits against employers.

But it faces an uphill battle in the state legislature.

The law would require a motion to dismiss for plaintiffs to prevail, and the bill has not been reviewed by the state’s attorney general’s office.

The bill, which passed both chambers last month, would also require any claim to be heard by an arbitrator who is independent of the employer.

The bill would require the arbitrator to be independent, and not be involved in the compensation of the injured party.

It also would require that claims be brought within 60 days after an injury.

The Assembly approved the measure, but the Senate is expected vote on it next week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.