How to file a lawsuit against a lawyer for defamation

A lawyer’s lawyer can file a suit for defamation against a journalist.

Read moreLawyers and lawyers can sue journalists and media outlets for libel, but they don’t usually do it on the public record.

In the US, it’s legal for the public to sue a journalist and/or newspaper for defamation, although it’s a much more complicated case to prove, according to the US Supreme Court in 2013.

But in Australia, there are several different options to sue journalists for libel.

In some cases, it can be easier to prove that a journalist committed defamation, and that the journalists published statements that were false.

In some cases however, it may be more difficult to prove defamation.

In one example, the defamation case against a Brisbane-based radio station was brought against the broadcaster by a woman who had received a phone call from the station’s publicist, who alleged that the journalist had published false information about the journalist.

The publicist had written on Facebook that a caller named “Mr K” had told a woman she had been assaulted at a bar and asked her to come back to his hotel room.

When contacted by the woman, K’s publicists claimed that she had falsely accused the radio station of rape and said that K had threatened to release footage of her.

However, it is not clear whether the woman contacted the radio presenter in the first place, or if she had contacted K by phone.

K said the caller had not spoken to the journalist in the time frame in which the alleged incident took place.

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