How to hire a lawyer with a doctorate

Medical lawyer salaries are on the rise, according to an article by medical lawyer M.B. Sreekumar in The Times.

According to the article, medical lawyers are now earning about $30,000 a year in India and $45,000 in the US.

The article points out that salaries for medical lawyers have gone up since the implementation of medical malpractice reforms in India in 2012.

According to Sreekum’s article, the average salary for a medical lawyer in India is $35,000, which is about 10% higher than the US average of $29,000.

The average salary in the United States is about $60,000 and the average in India, $42,000 according to the study.

The study also showed that the salaries of doctors in India have gone down since the medical malice reforms in 2012, which also led to a decrease in the number of lawyers in India.

According, the number, in 2017, of medical lawyers in the country stood at 7,871.

According the survey conducted by consulting firm Aamir Khan Associates, India has the third largest number of doctors (14,965) after the United Kingdom and France.