Which rapper is going to be sued over cat emoji?

Derek chauvin and his music team are the most famous cats in the music business, with their signature songs like “Don’t Get Me Started” and “Swingin’ in the Rain.”

But according to the U.S. Copyright Office, they’ve sued people for using cat emoji in their songs without permission.

On Monday, the music industry sent a letter to Derek chauvingen, a member of the group Cat Power, asking for permission to use cat emoji.

In a letter obtained by Axios, the office said that cats are used as a “personal identifier” in the song “Til Death Do Us Part.”

The music industry’s letter notes that cats were originally “an integral part of the original lyrics” in “Till Death Do Me Part.”

Cat Power is suing the group for using cats in their music without permission, and for not allowing the song to be used in any way without permission in the future.

“It is clear to us that Cat Power is in violation of the law,” the letter states.

The music company said that the song is in the public domain, and that it was in the works when Derek chauveden recorded it.

“We will defend ourselves in court and take full advantage of the tools at our disposal,” the group wrote in the letter.

“We would be honored to work with you in our effort to bring these issues to a resolution.”

Cat Protection’s lawyer told The Hollywood Reporter that the group’s request is “overreaching.”

“They’re trying to bully Derek into making an apology, but it’s just an excuse to be more aggressive,” lawyer Chris Dees told the publication.

The band has released a statement saying that it is “committed to the right to use cats as symbols in the work we do.”

“This is just an attempt to get us back in the limelight, which we’re not, and get our names out there,” Derek chauvins songwriter Adam Ondra told Billboard.

“If you’re going to use any cat as an identifier for something, we think it should be in a way that allows us to use that in a meaningful way.”