Why is the Trump Administration refusing to release his tax returns?

A group of former Trump administration officials are calling for the President’s tax returns to be released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The group of attorneys, who include former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, are demanding that the Trump administration release documents pertaining to Trump’s finances as part of a court fight that is scheduled to begin later this week in federal court.

Manafort and former campaign chair David Bossie have previously filed a lawsuit against the Trump White House, claiming that the administration has been withholding documents about the President for more than a year.

The lawsuit seeks to force the Trump team to release the records by March 28, which is when a judge set a hearing date for the case.

According to the lawsuit, the Trump campaign paid a firm in August 2016 to conduct a series of surveys on the President, in an effort to gauge his popularity.

The survey was reportedly meant to gauge whether the President was doing well.

The Trump campaign was also said to have paid for a video that the White House said would be produced by the pollster Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, which was later removed from the Trump presidential campaign website.

The White House also allegedly paid the firm for research into whether the public would support a pardon for the former President.

In January 2017, Trump paid the firms $500,000 for the work, the lawsuit said.

The court documents also allege that Trump’s team sought to buy an apartment for himself in the District of Columbia, but that the project never materialized.

The lawyers are seeking documents related to the District.

Manafort is also being sued for $10 million for allegedly helping to set up a Trump University, which has been accused of defrauding students and allegedly lying to students about the quality of its programs.

Manafort, who served as the campaign chairman during the 2016 election, has previously said he was unaware of the payments he made to the Trump Organization.

The campaign chairman, along with Manafort and his son, Jason, have also filed a separate lawsuit against The Trump Organization and Trump, claiming they were victims of fraud.

The suit is currently being litigated by the Trump organization.

The new lawsuit seeks a number of records related to Trump and his businesses, including a tax return, financial disclosure reports, financial statements, and other business records.

The two lawsuits also seek the release of any tax returns of other Trump family members, including Ivanka Trump, Donald Jr., Eric Trump, Jared Kushner, and Eric Trump’s sons, Paul and Eric.

The suits are seeking more than $3 million in damages for each of the individuals named in the lawsuits.

The attorneys are asking for a hearing on the matter by the end of March.