When Texas ‘legalizes’ ‘criminal’ lawyer, other lawyers sue

DALLAS — An attorney who works in the Dallas area says he was arrested for allegedly having sex with his partner and is now suing his employers, alleging they violated his civil rights by hiring him and that the hiring was unlawful.

Lawyer John Fauci, who worked in Dallas for six years, filed a lawsuit Monday against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, his employers and the Dallas Area Bar Association.

Fauci said he was hired by Paxton’s law firm to represent clients accused of crimes, but he allegedly went to the couple’s home and sexually assaulted them in a bedroom.

He also allegedly went back to the home, with his wife in the bedroom, to retrieve the condom and ejaculate on the woman, according to the lawsuit.

The attorney told his clients that they had to come forward in court, but they told him they could not come forward because he was a “criminal lawyer,” Fauces lawsuit states.

Paxton’s office said it has “no comment.”

Paxton, who is in his first year in office, has denied the allegations.

His spokesman, Scott Bixby, said in a statement that Paxton “did not know of any criminal conduct.”

Fauces attorney, Stephen Burt, also told the Dallas Morning News that the office does not comment on pending litigation.

Faulci is suing the Dallas Bar Association and the Texas Attorney, saying the association violated his rights by not having him and his partners lawyers present in court to defend clients charged with felonies or misdemeanors.

Faucs attorneys also alleged the bar failed to properly train its staff members and not follow proper protocols.

“We have been fighting for years against these egregious practices,” Faurici said.

“They need to stop these practices and the law is the law.”

The attorneys filing the lawsuit say the bar has been the target of several criminal charges, including a complaint filed against the bar’s president for failing to properly supervise its members.

The bar is currently under investigation for a sexual harassment complaint filed by a former employee who alleged she was fired because she refused to sleep with her male colleague.

The complaint was settled out of court and the bar is investigating the allegations against the former employee, according, to the attorney.

Fausci’s attorney said the bar was “in the midst of a criminal investigation” and that his clients could not get a lawyer to appear in court because they had not been assigned to represent them in court.

The attorney also said he had no idea if the bar would be paying for Faucci’s legal fees.

Faurici has been practicing law in Dallas since 2006 and has a law degree from Texas A&M University.

He is the lead attorney in the Austin office.