What to expect as the Supreme Court hears a case on the compensation of workers

The Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case involving compensation for injuries suffered during the manufacture of baby formula, the company said Monday.

The justices will hear oral arguments in the case of U.S. Workers Compensation Corp. v.

J&H Cos.

The case involves a case that was settled in 2007 when a U.K.-based company paid $15 million to workers injured when they were working on the assembly line for J&J, a major food processor.

The workers filed a lawsuit in 2009 after their injuries and their families sued, claiming J&G was responsible for paying them excessive wages.

In a ruling in July, the Supreme Courts said workers compensation laws do not cover workers’ injuries when their work is in the process of being completed, and that J&A Cos’ claims of negligence were not justified.

The companies argue the workers suffered from a “serious, potentially fatal condition” and that the lawsuit is frivolous.

J&H has argued the case was filed to “seek a premature and unjustified compensation payment from J&Am,” a company that it says was not involved in the injury, but was in fact a supplier to J&L Cos.

In response, J&P Cos and J&M Cos say they are happy to settle the case.

They are also interested in seeing the Supreme court weigh in.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument in the lawsuit next month.