When dad’s rights lawyer pleads guilty to murder of his daughter

An Irish father’s rights attorney is charged with murder in the killing of his two young daughters in Toronto in 2014.

Richard Hickey pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

The judge in the case said Hickey was “very determined” to kill his daughters, aged nine and seven, in the early hours of January 14, 2014, while they slept in the family’s home in a west-end apartment complex.

The lawyer was arrested by police on February 1, 2014 and charged with first-degree murder, after he was seen on surveillance video leaving the apartment with the two girls while his wife was asleep in the other room.

Hickey has been in custody since, and is scheduled to appear in court again on March 8.

His defence team has maintained that the father and daughter were in a consensual relationship and that they were simply sleeping in the bedroom, with no intent to kill.

The father’s lawyer, Alan Kelly, told reporters outside court that Hickey did not have any prior criminal record.

He added that his client “has the full confidence of the Crown and of the judge in his position”.

Mr Kelly said he hoped the judge would accept Hickey’s “strong and sincere” defence.

He said Hicky would be released within three months and the case would be heard by a judge who would be “extremely careful”.