How to get a divorce: This lawyer is about to have his first child

A California lawyer who has a knack for making the legal system seem more like a social experiment may have a child with the help of a powerful tax attorney.

According to The New York Times, Daniel Henshaw, who is working on a tax law case with his wife, Rachel, is expecting his first daughter this fall.

His wife and he are currently in the process of splitting their assets, and Rachel and Daniel are expecting their first child in November.

A spokesperson for Henshyaw confirmed to The Times that they have “a child.”

The spokesperson declined to comment on the legal situation.

The Times reported that Daniel Hennas wife and his lawyer are working together to get the couple out of the tax system and into a state of being financially independent.

The couple has been divorced for four years, and the couple has a four-year-old daughter named Ella.

The legal split has been going on since 2007, and Henshaws wife is working to get her a divorce.

She is currently seeking to have their property transferred from her husband to her.

According the Times, Henshams lawyers are asking a judge to grant a temporary restraining order that would prevent Daniel Hennesaw from taking possession of their home and possessions.

The order would allow him to move his belongings to his wife’s home, which he says he would do if she gets divorced.

The judge has not yet ruled on the case, but the move would be temporary until she receives a divorce, The Times said.

A court in Texas ruled against Henshinas motion to stop his divorce from her.

Daniel Henna is a graduate of the University of Southern California and is a partner at Hensley, Hennesha & Associates, where he also works.

He has more than 20 years of law experience in the Southern California area, including representing clients who have had their estates transferred.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Hennabh said, “We are pleased to be reunited with our family and are committed to a happy, successful, and child-free life together.”

In a tweet, Henna also said, “#TeamHenshaw.”

This article originally appeared on The Verge.