Which meme is best? | Teen mom sues, dad fights to get sex offender’s name removed

After a court order last year, a Florida teen mom sued her estranged husband for defamation after he used the slur “faggot” in describing her as a sex crime lawyer.

She is now seeking to remove her husband’s name from the internet and is now working with a federal judge to secure the removal of the slur from the Internet itself.

The couple was married in December 2016.

A federal judge in Florida agreed with the woman’s motion to have her husband removed from the public internet, and the case was filed this month in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

The lawsuit, filed by the Florida-based law firm, American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, is the latest in a string of lawsuits that seek to protect people from hateful, defamatory comments and online comments.

The law firm said in a statement that it was happy to fight the lawsuit, but did not have any comment on whether it would continue to fight against online defamation of women.

The woman has been using the term “fag” since 2011, when she and her husband started dating, according to the lawsuit.

She said she received a call from a friend in 2012 after he made comments about her.

She told the friend that he “had a wife,” and “wouldnt give her back.”

The friend also told her that the woman was “not a very good attorney.”

“The woman’s family was also concerned, but was told that the lawyer was not a lawyer,” the lawsuit states.

The man, who is a lawyer in Florida, responded, “She doesn’t need to be a lawyer.

I don’t need you.

I am a lawyer, too.”

The woman told the man she was going to contact the family lawyer in her county, but she never did.

The complaint states that after receiving the call, she contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and reported that the man had violated the law.

“As soon as we learned of the complaint, we reached out to the family and asked that they investigate,” the statement said.

The case against the man has since been dismissed, according with the law firm.

“The case is now being dropped,” the law firms statement said, and it has not been determined whether the man will be charged with a crime.