How to defend yourself against a rape accusation

When a woman is falsely accused of rape, there is a very good chance that she will feel powerless.

And even when she does win her case, there will be no way to prove that she was not raped.

“The most effective defense is not the lawyer’s, but the victim’s,” said lawyer and rape survivor, Lin Wood, who has represented many victims of sexual assault.

And I’m not talking about a civil court. “

We have no money, we have no hope, we can’t go to the police, we cannot go to court.

And I’m not talking about a civil court.

We have no way of proving that there was no rape.”

Wood says that in cases where a woman does not get justice, she feels as though the system has failed her and is taking advantage of her.

“The system is in a state of paralysis, and that’s why the people are getting very frustrated and desperate,” she said.

“It’s so bad that you can’t even see your family, or your friends, or hear your children’s voice, or feel your children cry,” Wood added.

“People are dying.”

Wood is the founder of the Lin Wood Legal Defense Fund, which helps victims of rape and sexual assault through legal aid, mediation, mediation fees, and other legal services.

The foundation has been able to help about 70 people so far this year, with more to come in the coming months.

The organization helps people pay for legal representation and to get on a waiting list for help.

Wood said that for many women who do not want to go through with a trial, mediation is a way of getting their case heard.

She also believes that there are other ways to help women and girls in their fight against rape, especially when it comes to domestic violence.

Women who have experienced domestic violence often face a “culture of fear,” Wood explained.

A recent study showed that one in five women who were victims of domestic violence in the past year had experienced sexual assault, which can result in domestic violence or sexual abuse.

In order to help victims of abuse, Wood says that the foundation has developed an educational website that can help women understand the impact that domestic violence has on women.

The website also provides a guide for women and children on how to protect themselves from domestic violence, which includes things like: how to recognize and report domestic violence when it occurs; what to do if someone is trying to hurt or control you; how to report abuse; and how to handle your feelings of rage or anger.

Wood said the foundation is currently working with the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which connects survivors of domestic abuse and their family members.

The hotline will be opening up again this fall, she said, but she does not know when that will happen.

While the foundation focuses on domestic violence survivors, it is also dedicated to helping survivors of sexual abuse and sexual abuse survivors in similar situations.

The Lin Wood legal defense fund also offers an online hotline for rape victims to report their assaults.