Lawyer Cat Meme: My lawyer just gave me a $20K settlement

A New York-based lawyer was paid $20,000 by her former client in a case about his illegal marijuana possession, a court document obtained by Vice News shows.

The settlement was part of a settlement with the man, who had been convicted in a civil case.

The lawyer, who is not identified in the document, was also ordered to pay $2,500 to the city of New York for “remediation and cleanup costs.”

The settlement is a rare example of a lawyer who went public with her client’s criminal history.

In the settlement, which is not public, the lawyer, identified only as the “Jane Doe,” admitted that she had been arrested, convicted of a crime and then convicted in court.

The city of Albany, which paid the lawyer for her services, also agreed to provide counseling for the client and pay $100,000 to a victim’s group to help them cope with the trauma of a criminal conviction.

The city also agreed that it would not be liable for any losses, such as lost wages, due to the settlement.

“The city will ensure the defendant does not engage in future conduct that damages the reputation of the city or the community,” the city said in a statement.

The settlement was first reported by the New York Daily News.

The court documents show the lawyer and her client had settled on a settlement amount of $20.4 million.

It is unclear if the money went to the man or to the woman who sued.