Indian lawyer earns lakhs from US lawyer, lawyer tips India’s rich

The lawyer of a wealthy Indian family has earned millions from a California lawyer who has also been accused of sexual misconduct with clients, according to legal documents filed in California.

The lawsuit filed Monday by the family’s lawyers alleges that the lawyer sexually harassed and assaulted a client over a period of several years.

The family’s attorney, David Rochon, told the San Jose Mercury News that the client had “sexually molested a client who was not his client.”

The alleged victim has not been identified, but the lawsuit says he has “sexual contact with the defendant.”

Rochon told the newspaper that the lawsuit is not a criminal matter, but is instead “a civil claim against the Defendant.”

The California attorney general’s office declined to comment Monday.

The San Jose-based family is among a handful of Indian-Americans in California to have accused prominent American Indian leaders of sexual harassment.

Rochons wife, Shikha Devi Rochons, is also accused of having sex with a colleague at her law firm in 2012.

In 2013, a court judge found Rochona guilty of four counts of misconduct and sentenced him to one year in prison.