What you need to know about the lawyer outfit that sued MTV over ‘Call Me Maybe’

What you want to know:1.

What is a lawyer outfit?2.

What does the attorney outfit say?3.

Who are the lawyers involved?4.

How does the outfit handle litigation?5.

Who is involved in the suit?6.

How long did the suit last?7.

Did the outfit file the suit against MTV?8.

How much money was spent?9.

Who was involved in setting up the suit and filing the suit with the lawyer?10.

What did the lawyer’s lawyer say?11.

Was the lawyer involved in filing the lawsuit?12.

How did the outfit respond to the suit after it was filed?13.

What was the attorney’s response to the lawyer in the case?14.

Who did the attorney represent in the lawsuit against MTV and what was his response?15.

Why did the case go to trial?