How to get a cat lawyer in a hurry

A law student from Texas says he has found a way to get help for a cat named Car Crash Lawyers and other dogs that are being wrongly accused of murder.

According to the Daily Mail, Mark Sauer said he started receiving calls from attorneys in the U.S. who were calling from all over the country after he had been wrongly accused by another lawyer.

The attorney told Sauer that his client had been accused of murdering a cat, but Sauer says he didn’t believe it.

“He said he had no idea,” Sauer told the Daily News.

“He said it was just a wild rumor.”

When Sauer tried to get an attorney to help, he said he was told by his lawyer that “the cat has been dead for years, and that the cat would be in a very good state of health.”

The Daily Mail says that Sauer then went to a local pet shop to find a lawyer who could help him.

The Daily News reported that Sager was not happy with the response.

“I’m not going to pay a dime for a lawyer that has never done anything for me, I’m not even going to go to the store, I’ll just go to a police station,” Sager said.

“I’ve had no luck at all.”