James Pitaro’s wife charged with child support

A Texas judge on Wednesday sentenced her husband, James Pitaros, to three years in prison for allegedly using child support on his wife’s bank accounts.

James Pitaro, 62, was arrested in 2014 and accused of using child-support payments to pay his ex-wife’s bills.

The judge found Pitaroes behavior was inappropriate and that his wife used a pseudonym to make her payments.

The case drew international attention, prompting a nationwide discussion about child support and how much parents should be allowed to do.

Pitaroses lawyer told The Wall St. Journal that the judge’s decision was “disgusting” and that she intends to appeal.

In a statement, the judge said Pitaropes actions “had a devastating impact on my wife and her children.”

She added that Pitarises actions had a “disproportionate and severe effect” on his children and “cannot be tolerated.”

The Associated Press