Israel to open new court in West Bank in light of US decision

A Tel Aviv court has granted the city’s bid to open a new court for Palestinians who are currently awaiting trial.

The Supreme Court of Justice on Wednesday granted the Jerusalem District Court’s application to open the Jerusalem Regional Court of Inquiry (JRCI) to the public and the state, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The court is tasked with monitoring and overseeing the administration of justice in the West Bank, including the East Jerusalem and the West Jerusalem areas.

The JRCI was established in October 2014 by the Supreme Court to try and ensure the rule of law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The decision to grant the application, which was presented in court by the Jerusalem Legal Aid Center, was announced by Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, the paper reported.

Shaked was referring to the JRCIS decision to open its doors in late October to Palestinian detainees in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) does not recognize the JrcI, but it has given it a mandate to investigate alleged violations by Israel in the territories.

Shaked also cited recent court rulings against the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, which the PA says violated the court’s independence.

The JRCID was created in 2005 and has been the subject of international criticism, with some Palestinian groups alleging it is a tool for the PA to target Palestinians, including by denying them access to justice.

The PLO has also criticized the Jrsi and the Jresi, saying that they are being used by the PA for political purposes.

The application to create a JRCISTA was filed by the JLC in January 2016, according to the Jerusalem-based NGO, the Legal Aid Ministry.

The Jerusalem Legal Fund, which advocates for the rights of Palestinians, said it was pleased the Supreme Supreme Court would allow the Jrci to open.

“We are glad to see that the Supreme court is allowing this project to move forward,” said Oren Etzioni, the director of the Legal Fund’s office in the country.