The lawyer who has been sued for sexual harassment and sexual assault, now says he was fired by the company that hired him

Posted October 05, 2018 07:03:54A lawsuit has been filed by an attorney who claims he was terminated by a company that used him for sexual favors after he sued it over the sexual harassment allegations made against him.

Gee William attorney David C. Lipscomb has filed a federal lawsuit against The Attorney Services Group (TSG), a private law firm in New York City that hired his attorney.TSG allegedly used him as an unlicensed attorney, then terminated him in 2016 after Lipscom sued for alleged sexual harassment, sexual assault and wrongful termination.

Liverscomb claims in the lawsuit that he was retaliated against after the allegations surfaced.

The lawsuit alleges that Lipsman, now in his early 70s, was fired after a “misplaced interest” in a case, which was ultimately settled for $3 million.TSGs website describes itself as “an independent and legal practice with expertise in family law, employment law, discrimination law, family court and consumer issues.”

The company also has an office in New Orleans.

The Attorney Services group is part of a group of companies that are named as defendants in the case, filed in New Jersey federal court on Tuesday.

Lipscomb, who has represented dozens of women in lawsuits, said he is seeking unspecified damages, attorney fees and costs.

The attorney general of New York state has said he will investigate the allegations, according to New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman.

In an interview with ABC News, Lipsnier said he was hired by TSG in 2013 after being a “high-profile” lawyer for several years.

He said he felt uncomfortable around other lawyers who were not in the same profession and he said TSG tried to recruit him to be a lawyer, but he declined.

He said he became frustrated because he was not being paid enough for his work.

Liverscomb, a former federal prosecutor, said TSGs employees made “unprofessional, harassing, offensive, or demeaning comments” about him.

“The company has not been helpful and not respectful,” he said.

“I was fired, and they did not like that.

They didn’t like the fact that I had filed lawsuits that had a legal merit and that were important to the public interest.”

Lipsnied said he left TSG on good terms, but has not yet been able to speak with the company about the lawsuit.

He also said he does not believe TSG has done anything wrong, saying the company was merely “an out-of-touch law firm that was trying to make a quick buck” by hiring Lips.

Liptens lawyer has said in a statement that Liversnier has not presented any evidence to support his allegations.

The statement from LipsNied, which said the company “has a history of being extremely disrespectful and rude to our clients, including some of the best and brightest lawyers in the country,” added that Lippens claims are baseless.

Lipps lawsuit alleges the company used Lips and other male lawyers to solicit business and get them to “participate in sexual harassment meetings.”

Lips’ lawyer, Paul Lips, did not immediately return a message left at his office on Wednesday.

The New York attorney general’s office did not respond to a request for comment on Lips’s allegations.

Lizzers lawsuit was filed in April, and the company responded on Oct. 3.

In a statement, TSG said Lips “was terminated as a result of a misposition in a settlement dispute” and that Liptens was never a TSG employee.

Liver said Lipts’ claims have not been proven in court, but that TSG “has an extensive history of harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, sexual harassment or wrongful dismissal.”

Lipts also alleges in the complaint that TSGs lawyers used Lipps as a “source of information and information of influence” and used his former clients “to manipulate them into making financial arrangements with TSG.”

Liversnied is a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit that has been seeking damages for women who say they were sexually harassed by TSGs attorneys, as well as for women employees who said they were harassed by the firm.

Lipson is represented by Michael M. Singer, the former chief counsel to President Donald Trump, who is also represented by Meryl Streep.