How to talk to a cat lawyer about child custody

How to handle cat-related questions in a divorce?

In a recent column, I outlined the four main things to consider when it comes to discussing your cat with your ex-spouse, especially if she has children.

But, for some reason, the same advice isn’t being given to dogs and other animals as well.

In fact, if you ever see a dog on the street, there is a good chance it will be a lawyer.

While the general advice is that you should always talk to your ex about her pets before you file a divorce, the cat lawyer I spoke to, Susan K. Miller, suggests that you talk to her about her cats too.

Miller explained that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your ex if she’s having a pet, and she recommends that you take it as a good sign that your pet is not being neglected.

“Ask them, ‘Is it OK for the cat to play with you?

Is it OK to walk with you?'” she told me.

“You might think it’s not a bad thing, but it’s just the way she wants to handle it.

She’s not going to make you do that.”

The fact that you have a cat might seem like a good thing, Miller said, but that’s because she said that you want to keep your ex happy, and not be a burden on her.

“She can tell you what’s best for her,” Miller said.

“Don’t make her feel bad about it.”

Miller said that the first thing she does is make sure that you’ve gotten a pet for yourself.

“There’s nothing wrong with a cat,” she said.

But then, she suggests that if you don’t have a pet at all, you should still make sure your ex knows that you love her cats and that you’d rather have them than a stranger.

You can find out more about animal abuse cases at Animal Advocates International.

“If she feels like it’s been neglected and is worried about being neglected, she can always tell you,” Miller explained.

“That’s the kind of relationship she wants.

She wants you to be the person that cares for them and wants to see them grow.”