A Texas divorce lawyer is the victim of a $15,000 hack

A Texas divorcing lawyer is getting paid a hefty amount for his services because his website crashed, but he isn’t complaining.

The lawyer, David T. Brown, was recently hit by a $16,000 data breach, and his website went down for nearly 24 hours.

Brown told the Houston Chronicle he’s getting $10,000 per day for his firm’s services.

He’s also getting $1,000 for each hour he’s unavailable.

“I’ve been contacted by several different companies who want to hire me for some of their data breaches,” Brown told the paper.

“It’s a pretty sweet deal.”

The Houston divorce attorney has since gone back to work.

But he is concerned the incident may have also compromised other businesses and his clients.

“If someone else got hacked, they could be in real trouble,” Brown said.